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Duro Contracting Ltd.

About Duro Contracting Ltd.

Duro Contracting Ltd. is a surface works commercial concrete contractor that services in Edmonton Alberta surrounding region focused on concrete services.

Using industry-standard installation techniques, Duro Contracting’s scope of work is in the Installation/Rehabilitation of residential and industrial concrete surface works. We take pride in our concrete work that stands apart. Our team lives and is hands-on in the industry so you get what you asked for the first time.

Safety & Environment

Duro Contracting is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly work environment. We are absolutely committed to making sure everyone gets home safe, and respecting environmental stewardship in everything we do. Duro Contracting clients know that we value excellence including foremost respect for clients, family, and general health. 
For more information on our concrete services, please contact us.

Edmonton Concrete Construction Services

Curb and Gutter Installation
Sidewalk installation
Ramp Installation
Apron installation
Commercial Crossings
Driveway Construction
Concrete Preparation
Concrete Placement
Concrete Installation
Concrete Finishing
Concrete Curing
Miscellaneous Concrete Slabs
Duro Contracting is a full-service concrete company based out of St. Albert serving the Edmonton and surrounding areas. We work on projects varying from municipal, parking lots, to residential. Our concrete work across the western provinces is recognized for attention to detail. We are very proud of our construction team and growing family.
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